Representations and Lie Theory Seminar

Spring 2019

Time: Wednesday, 16:15 - 17:15
Location: MW 154

Schedule of talks:


January 23 Staff Tensor structures on representations of Yangians
January 30
February 6
February 13 Andrei Smirnov
February 20 Pramod Achar


March 6
March 13 No seminar Spring break
March 27 No seminar Zassenhaus Lecture Series by Pavel Etingof
April 3 Curtis Wendlandt
April 10
April 17


January 23. In this talk I will go over the definition of the Yangian as an associative algebra, and two seemingly different ways to tensor its representations. I will present a method of constructing the unique twist which conjugates one tensor product to the other, based on the existence/uniqueness results for the solutions of PDEs near non-singular points. I will also show one very explicit formula for this twist, obtained in our joint work (Gautam-Toledano Laredo-Wendlandt). Time permitting, we will speculate on its applications to geometry, integrability and mathematical physics.

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